Westerly Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends
57 Elm Street, Westerly, RI 02891-2136
(401) 474-9635

About us:

Westerly Monthly Meeting is a part of the larger body of New England Yearly Meeting of Friends [NEYM]. We are called a Monthly Meeting as we hold our business sessions once a month (on the second Sunday of each month), thus Yearly Meeting holds annual sessions for five days once a year, usually the first week of August.

The business of the Monthly Meeting and the Yearly Meeting is open to all and is conducted to reach unity of the Spirit on all points. Most people think of this as consensus decision-making. Friends seek consensus with each other, but also the underlying direction of the Spirit of God.

We have no ordained ministers and no pastor; each person is expected to share ministry as led and to assist in the work of the Meeting as able. We appoint a Clerk (our presiding officer) to preside over business meetings and be the primary contact person for the Meeting. This position usually rotates every three years. We have a Treasurer to accept donations and to pay bills. We have a Recorder appointed to track our membership. And we have COMMITTEES appointed to manage most of the work of the Meeting.

Because we believe in a continuing revelation of God’s Truth, Friends are reluctant to define what that truth is. Much has been written about the Quaker faith though; what is available on the internet can be found at QUAKER.ORG.

Westerly Meeting was begun in 1744 as a Preparative Meeting, a smaller body part of South Kingstown Monthly Meeting. Its history is quite unique in that it was the home meeting of John Wilbur, and the center of the largest separation amongst Quakers in New England. Turn to HISTORY for more on Quakers in Rhode Island and the Wilburites or Conservative Friends.

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