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Strange and Unendurable Irony

June 2nd, 2014

Strange and unendurable irony — that Friends who speak so much about the Inward Light should so timidly hide their own light under a bushel! The time has come to preach the faith we have resolved to practice. If we have good news for our brothers, and I believe we do, let us shout it from the housetops!

~ John Yungblut, 1913-1995

What is love?

February 18th, 2014

“What is love? What shall I say of it, or how shall I in words express its nature? It is the sweetness of life; it is the sweet, tender, melting nature of God, flowing up through his seed of life into the creature, and of all things making the creature most like unto himself, both in nature and operation. It fulfils the law, it fulfils the gospel; it wraps up all in one, and brings forth all in the oneness. It excludes all evil out of the heart, it perfects all good in the heart. A touch of love doth this in measure; perfect love doth this in fullness.”
Isaac Penington, 1616-1679, one of the early members of the Religious Society of Friends

Mysticism exists in all religions…

February 17th, 2014

“Mysticism exists in all religions; every great world religion has its mystical sect or groups. What the Quakers, as mystics, are to Christianity, the Zen (or Chan) sect is to Buddhism, the Yogis are to Hinduism, the Sufis to Mohammedanism, and the Taoists to the religion of China. But Oriental mysticism, like Oriental religion in general, is individualistic…Quakerism is peculiar in being a group mysticism, grounded in Christian concepts.”
Howard H. Brinton, Friends for 350 Years, Pendle Hill Publications, 2002, pp. xix-xx

There is a Quiet, Open Place…

February 13th, 2014

“There is a quiet, open place in the depths of the mind, to which we can go many times in the day and lift up our soul in praise, thankfulness and conscious unity. With practise this God-ward turn of the mind becomes an almost constant direction, underlying all our other activities.”
Kenneth Ewart Boulding 1910-1993 economist, educator, peace activist, poet, religious mystic, devoted Quaker, systems scientist, and interdisciplinary philosopher

It Is Perfectly Appropriate

February 6th, 2014

“In the context of Quaker worship, it is perfectly appropriate for any person in the congregation to speak a timely word from the Lord.”
Richard James Foster 1942- is a Christian theologian and author in the Quaker tradition, best known for his 1978 book Celebration of Discipline

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