General Responsibilities for Committees

Members of the committee agree to communicate with each other regarding the work of the committee either in a meeting or via email at least three times a year

Members of the committee agree to have a face to face meeting within a month of the committee’s formation

One member of the committee will agree to serve as the convener for the first meeting

A clerk for the committee will be decided upon during the first meeting

At least one member of each committee will present a report of activities for each Business Meeting during the course of the year

Specific Responsibilities for Committees

Book and Tract

  1. maintain the library
  2. purchase books for the library
  3. maintain pamphlets for distribution
  4. help select books for new members
  5. guide meeting in choosing reading materials for discussions

Building and Grounds

  1. Monitor the physical condition of the building on an on-going basis and recommending repairs
  2. Recommend expenditures and procedures as necessary, including capital expenditures, to the Meeting at large
  3. Solicit bids from outside contractors and upon approval of the Meeting, award the contracts and supervise the performance of work
  4. Order fuel and monitor deliveries and charges
  5. Arrange for the shoveling of walks and the plowing of the driveway and parking area as needed.
  6. Maintain the lawn and plantings of the Meeting
  7. Oversee major landscaping projects
  8. Oversee the Friends Burial Ground located in Hopkinton and makes arrangements for its care and upkeep.


  1. Take responsibility for a monthly newsletter to share minutes of the business meeting and news of the community
  2. maintain the Meeting address list, the Meeting website and social media (Facebook, email, etc.) to encourage a sense of community and participation in the work of the Meeting


  1. To consist of the Treasurer, and at least three other members at large
  2. Ascertain the financial strengths and needs of the Meeting
  3. Recommend to the Meeting the adoption of the annual budget
  4. After adoption, follow the progress of such budget
  5. Prepares reports to the Meeting and to its members so that all may gauge the adequacy of their support

First Day School

  1. Guide our young Friends in a fashion that they may clear the way to see and feel the Inner Light.  This can hopefully be seeded through Bible studies, other readings, creative writing, singing, role playing, plays, field trips, religious retreats, and through the loving and sharing with one another and with the Meeting as a whole.
  2. Responsible for caring for our youngest children during Meeting for Worship
  3. Develop and maintain a First Day School program for the other children.
  4. Develop and maintain a series of programs for teens to meet occasionally during the course of the school year


  1. Ensure that the Meetinghouse is open for worship at the designated time
  2. Greet Friends and welcome guests as they arrive for worship.


  1. Dust, vacuum and perform other routine and usual housekeeping chores
  2. Repair and replace pew cushions as necessary
  3. Clean the kitchen and bathroom areas
  4. Purchase and replenish supplies of toilet paper, soap, napkins, tea, coffee, sugar, juice for First Day School, etc.
  5. Work with the Building Committee as needs are perceived


  1. Directs the Meeting’s energies to local concerns and community needs such as monthly WARM meal organization and oversight, WARM Christmas gifts, WARM Bowl-A-Thon, WARM Freezin’ for a Reason, and similar programs and activities

 Peace and Justice

  2. Help bring the Meeting as a whole and individuals in the Meeting to be aware and take appropriate actions on their callings (e.g.; prison awareness, meeting the needs of homeless, environmental awareness, draft counseling, etc.)
  3. Meet, on a monthly basis (as able), with the Westerly Area Peace and Justice Group to create and implement presentations, vigils, discussions, projects that advocate for and develop peace and justice in our community
  4. Maintain a bulletin board in the Meetinghouse that provides information on issues and news pertaining to peace and justice concerns
  5. Report on peace and justice activities in our region and beyond.
  6. Recommend to the Meeting contributions to groups and individuals whose efforts are in harmony with Quaker concerns for peace and justice issues.

Approved by Meeting for Business
Westerly Monthly Meeting< Westerly, RI January 14, 2018